Complete Vehicle Licensing & Titling in Mill Creek, WA

Driving a car — Vehicle licensing service in Mill Creek, WA
Enjoy convenient, local vehicle licensing and titling from Silver Lake Licensing Service in Mill Creek, Washington. As a sub-agency to both Snohomish County and the State of Washington, we provide timely service for all of your licensing needs.

Complete Licensing Services

In addition to serving as a titling and tab renewal agency for cars and trucks—including RVs, motorboats, and motorcycles and off-road vehicles—we sell tonnage for trucks of all sizes. We can also perform quick titles, replace license plates, issue specialty license plates, and process disabled parking applications.
For any of your vehicle titling needs, call us today at 425-385-8755 or visit us at 13300 Bothell Everett Hwy, Ste 302a, Mill Creek, WA 98012!